The attorneys at Price-CO Law Group are the recognized legal experts at managing distressed asset cases and FDIC receivership matters

We specialize in the most difficult and complicated cases — whether to ensure a release of guarantee or attain a commercial loan modification and we provide only the best services for the best outcome possible. If you are a borrower or are managing any type of distressed asset and are searching for someone to work your case in metro Atlanta or anywhere in the Southeast, we highly suggest that you contact our legal team for consultation.

time is of the essence

Time is of the essence for attaining the best outcome and the clients who contact us earliest often see the best results.  Each distressed asset case is unique and our firm understands your business, your goals, and your needs, which often include a release of guarantee.  

Trying to navigate negotiations with the FDIC or your note holder without legal counsel or advice from a distressed asset attorney is an absolute way to ensure your defeat. Our firm can handle your legal problems in every area of distressed asset law. We specialize in handling your relations with the FDIC receivership or structured sale purchaser and working towards a release of guarantee or commercial loan modification

We know what’s at stake regarding your business, your reputation, and your financial health and we are tirelessly dedicated to making sure that we go above and beyond in providing each of our clients with hard-hitting, reliable representation.

Price-CO Law Group is privileged to serve clients in all types of distressed asset cases all across the southeast.